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Im a laid-back guy, adventurous soul, who loves spending time in the great outdoors, making new friends and being creative.

My approach

Observing and catching little moments that all together make up one genuine story.

Campfire by the lake

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I have background in languages, so you can approach me in English, Italian, German, Czech or Slovak.

If you speak slowly enough, I will also understand your Spanish, Portuguese, Polish or Ukrainian.

I'm an elopement and destination wedding photographer based in Prague, Czech Republic and Lisbon, Portugal available wherever your hearts bring you to.
I was born to spend my life on the road. What excites me even more than travelling, is meeting new people, exploring different cultures enriching myself by 'new' and 'different'. The world would be a terrible place to be if it was just one country, race, language or religion.

My style is a pretty unique blend of documentary wedding photography and aesthetic imagery

When photographing weddings, I love merging into the background, observing and trying to catch little moments of big importance. My biggest goal are photos that feel authentic and genuine showing the best of your big day.

Spirit of adventure...

© 2023 Jiri Smalec
walking by the fjords