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Let me be friends with you first. Becoming friends is the first step on our way to create awesome pictures. Friends trust each other, they don't need to worry that they would put each other in awkward situations, they can rely on what has been promised, they can relax and be themselves when being together.

Do you wanna get friends before going on our photo adventure? Well, I do!

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Intimate weddings, just you and your witnesses, and weddings outside Europe are calculated individually. Get in touch with some details about your big day to find out more.

The price for a full day wedding coverage in Europe can range from 1000 euro, in the Czech Republic and Portugal, the countries I'm based in, to 2400 euro in the rest of Europe depending on how much I have to spend on plane tickets, accommodation, car rental, tolls, etc.

Message me with the date and place and I'll get back to you with the final price as soon as possible.

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Your passions, we really want to get friends, don't we?

My approach, I want you to know how I work before you book me.

Your plans, are you more into planning or you rather prefer playing it by ear?

Your worries, it's common to have some, especially, if it's your first time. I'm here to help you out with everything I can.

Anything else you want to talk about.

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