From Dawn to Dusk, Switzerland

#Love story

Swiss alps hike with two awesome people.

Mountains, beaches or woods. That's where I feel home.

Little did I know when I was shooting Anička and Marek on top of these mountains that this story is going to bring me an award in the annual mywed awards and make me TOP 10 couple photographer in the world.

A type of shooting I would do over and over again.

What an idea! A photoshoot that doesn't feel like a photoshoot. Just a hike with the people you like in stunning mountains. I shot Anička and Marek's wedding when there still were many covid restrictions, so they couldn't celebrate their love with all of their relatives and friends. It was then when they told me they wanted me to go to Switzerland to photograph them in the Alps. Honestly, I didn't believe this would really happen but I hoped and wished it came true. It took about eight months after their wedding, but the day, that felt like Christmas to me, really came.