Rosemary and Thyme, Italy


Tuscany, a place where every stone or tree could tell hundreds of stories.

The sun is about to set. That's the right time to promise you love forever. What an awesome idea!

Breathtaking views, divine smells and tastes.

2019 - my first elopement ever in a country that is very close to my heart. The country I fell in love with many years ago when I studied and lived there long before becoming a photographer.

This shooting didn't even feel as work. I arrived at the place the day before to chill out and enjoy the beauties of this wonderful Tuscany region. I think everybody was happy that Jollin and Reggie decided to celebrate their love later in the day. So we started with getting ready in the afternoon and when the sun was about to set, it was time to move to the awesome garden where Jollin and Reggie were about to meet surrounded by lavenders that were doing their best with their fragrance to make the place even more special.